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Pet Head, a new line of grooming products, is now available for cool dogs! The edgy fashion forward line will perfect every doggie's 'do and style! Man's best friend will be living the lifestyle of the leashed and famous in no time!

Pet Head's line of grooming products includes shampoos, crème rinses and sprays that suit every type of furry situation. Whether it's a stinky mutt who needs "Dirty Talk" shampoo or a purebred you want to indulge with "So Spoiled" conditioning crème rinse, Pet Head will have them smellin' and lookin' fabulous!

Pet Head Shampoo Range

The line of shampoos, crème rinses and sprays are made with ingredients specially formulated to pamper and indulge all doggies making them clean, fluffy, silky and smell oh' so good! All Pet Head formulas are pH adjusted and free of parabens, petroleum derivatives, propylene glycol, sulfate and DEA.

The product line includes:

Life's An Itch- skin soothing shampoo so doggies won't scratch

Dirty Talk- deodorizing shampoo to make mutts smell sweet

Fears for Tears- tearless shampoo for pups who squirm in the bath

Quickie- quick rinsing shampoo perfect for a fido who won't sit still

Feeling Flaky- dry & sensitive skin shampoo to add extra moisture to your pups coat

Dry Clean- waterless spray shampoo for puppies afraid to get wet or ones on the go

Furtastic- crème rinse for curly and long coats to make your K-9 silky and smooth

So Spoiled- conditioning crème rinse to give any dog an extra pampering treatment

Furball- detangling spray that makes for smooth brushing

Poof!- magical deodorizing spray to blast any stinky smell away

Ordering is simple... use the BROWSE PRODUCTS link and browse the products and accessories and when you see an item that you would like then use the "BUY" button and your choice will be entered into the shopping cart. You can view the contents of the shopping cart at any time with the "Checkout" button and you can remove an item, return to shopping, or complete the checkout process.

Payment can be made by credit card or by Internet or direct banking. If you choose to pay by Visa or Mastercard you will be transferred to our secure server after ordering or alternatively you can telephone us with your credit card details. Freight will be calculated and added to your Credit Card at time of shipping

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